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 "I would love for my art to bring up hidden memories inside poeple,  to spark their curiousity and entertain new ways of imagination."

Nelli Demassi comes from Czech repulic, where she returned to live and create in 2017 after five years spent abroad working and travelling the world.


The key inspiration, that had finally led to the start of Nelli's artistic carreer was her love of the nature's elements and architecture. Most of the work she does is a result of her fascination with rawness of rocks, architectural components and texturized surfaces. 


"I've always been fascinated by structures and plasticity, that is sort of inviting me to explore it further with my hands. That's why I love creating art with a tangible feeling to it as that particular sense is the most sensitive perception for me. To withstand a desire to touch the artpiece is a big challenge I face in every gallery or museum I visit." 

Nelli's view of her ultimate mission in art is to express beauty she sees and feels around her. Beauty with its pros and cons as its subjectivity offers.

"Each person feels the art so differently and that's wonderful. My work's aim is to make you face the opinions you may have created too long ago to be true today, to start seeing beauty in what appeared to be rather mediocre or was even overlooked and maybe to find new point of view that would consequently change many others. This is what I love about art the most - its ability to shake the way we see the world.  I want to send a message to think about and still manage to bring something new and unexpected to the audience. That is a goal I would love to achieve."

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